The 24th of February 2024 was a black day in the history of Turk Metal. We were all shaken by the untimely loss of our Honorary President Pevrul Kavlak at a very young age, at the peak of his career. While the very thought of losing him frightened us, facing this reality hit us hard. The pain of his passing pierced our hearts like a knife. Therefore, after an unforgettable trade unionist, our leader, our Honorary President Pevrul Kavlak, who dedicated his whole life to the trade union struggle, it is very difficult for me to write these lines.

President Pevrul was more than just a trade unionist. With his self-sacrifice, courage, determination, leadership, belief in justice and all the struggles he fought for equality, he was a guiding light for us throughout his life of struggle. As we saw the love of humanity in his heart, his determination to fight and the strength in his wrists, we grew stronger with him. As he took firm steps towards all the goals he set for himself, we continued to take bold steps with our hearts strengthened with him.

After our late Honorary President became the President of Turk Metal in 2009, he changed the understanding of trade unionism in our country. With the understanding of "New Generation Trade Unionism" that he brought to the literature, he fought for our members to live comfortably and peacefully with their families. He supported the participation of our members and their families in the training sessions and congresses organised by our union, and he fought for the opening of schools and dormitories by our union.

Without giving up for a moment, he continued his efforts for the work that our members entrusted to Türk Metal. With the breakthroughs he made, the dues paid by our members to our union were returned to them in the form of services. But Pevrul Kavlak was not only the architect of a change of understanding. He never gave up for a moment to protect the economic rights and interests of the metal workers. He worked day and night to ensure the economic well-being of our members in the MESS group collective agreement, the most important and comprehensive collective agreement in our country, which he signed eight times during his term of office. He always left the table with a clear conscience thanks to his upright attitude and determination.

President Pevrul always strived for an improved standard of living for metalworkers and dedicated his life to this cause. Even on his sickbed, he continued his efforts, ensuring that the last contract he signed reflected his commitment. He expressed his deep affection for his profession, his union, and the metalworkers by declaring, "I will not leave this world until this contract is completed." After sealing the agreement, he addressed the members of our union, stating, "It has always been my privilege to stand with you. This honor stands as the pinnacle of my life's achievements."

The achievements of our late president in collective bargaining agreements became the hope for all workers. The gains our union, which he transformed into the largest union in our country, achieved were followed with envy by other unions. In other words, every step he took, every action he implemented and planned throughout his struggle was for the workers. As a result, he returned to the ground he came from as a worker, on the shoulders of thousands of workers, still as a worker.

The truth, getting used to his loss and coping with his absence will be quite challenging for us. But we have also learned to deal with challenges from President Pevrul. From now on, we will strive to uphold and continue his sacred legacy that he left us and raise the flag he passed on to us even higher. We will walk in his footsteps and progress along the path he showed us in the struggle for justice and equality.

Since the first day I met him, I have felt fortunate to walk this sacred path alongside him. I am grateful that he has touched my life, thankful for the lessons I have learned from him, and privileged to have walked this journey with him.

Now we are at the beginning of a new journey. In light of what we have learned from our President, we will work for our union, metalworkers, and the Turkish working class by embracing his struggle. We will endeavor to fulfill this sacred duty we received from him with honor and determination, striving tirelessly to raise the flag we inherited even higher. Because this is the legacy of our President Pevrul. Upholding his legacy is our solemn obligation.