Dear Friends,
Türk Metal and The Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries – MESS have agreed upon the Group CBA under which roughly 200 enterprises were in the scope and which covers almost 130,000 metal workers in the country. These enterprises within the scope of Group CBA constitute almost a quarter of the Turkish manufacturing sectors and contributing around 30 Billion USD to the economy.
As we have communicated before after the mass rally gathered in Bursa on Jan 19, we have rejected the employer’s wage increase offer which corresponds 10% and we have declared that; as long as our earned rights are made an issue of negotiation, we will no longer continue to bargaining.
Turkish Employers Association of Metal Industries – MESS invited us to sit at thetable once again realizing that, our undeterred stance will not change unless the given conditions are amended.
In this respect, we started to negotiate with MESS once again on Jan 27 at 5.00pm. After having been discussed till 11.00pm, once more we did not accept the constraints that are tried to be brought forward on premiums, daily wages along with the impositions such as; unpaid trial period for new hires, abolition of off-setting payments, unpaid sick leave and their denial regarding to not allow workers’ children to become interns in the work places affiliated to MESS.
Eventually we have managed to withdrawal all such deadlocks from the table and did not let these rights to be an issue of bargaining. However, we did not achieve to reach a consensus on wages and we left the table once more again.
At 7.30pm yesterday evening, we met with Employers Association and after a compelling struggle and a though session of bargaining we walked off the table securing a higher outcome above the expectations of our members. As we have promised to our members we did not leave even a single penny on the negotiations table in return for their labor.
Considering the economic crisis in the country, the current negative conditions that the enterprises are experiencing and the CBA’s conducted in other sectorswhich cannot able to obtain double digit wage rises, the result that we have acquired is a kind of victory for the sake of all metal workers.
In terms of giving an idea about the other CBA’s conducted in various sectors we can sum up them as follows; the public servants and retirees have obtained a salary rise which was equal to 4 + 4%, retired workers have achieved a 5 +
5% rise, workers in state enterprises have gathered 8 + 4% wage rise, the group CBA conducted in textile sector has brought a 8% + inflation rate increase to textile workers, Turkish Airlines CBA has been concluded with a rise which is equal to 12% and pay rise provided through the Supreme Board of Arbitration to the workers in the Oil Refinery Corporation of Turkey – TÜPRAŞ was 6% which is equal to the denounced inflation rate. Under given circumstances we have putour signature under a wage increase rate of 18.49% for the first coming 6 months.
Since the very beginning we have promised to our members that the duration of this Collective Agreement will definitely be for 2 years. And we have also strongly emphasized that the earned rights will not be negotiated. We have also promised to obtain amelioration on fringe benefits and to achieve a worthwhile wage increase along with a noticeable advance regarding the social rights.
Today we have obtained what we have promised.
The gaining’s of metal workers in Turkey through that Group CBA can be summarized as follows;
From Sept.1, 2019 and onwards hourly fees which was under 12TL, are ameliorated in the amount of 30 pennies in the manner that will not exceed 12TL. An hourly wage increase in the amount of 17% has also been obtained for the first 6 months thereupon. For the second 6 months term the increase rate is fixed as %6 for hourly wages even if the inflation rate goes under 6%. If the inflation rate outturn for the next 6 months is above 6% then the gap between will be added to 6%. And for the third and forth 6 months periods the hourly pay rise will be equal to inflation rate at that time.
For the first year, a rise which is equal to 20% in full regarding the social rights has been provided. For the second year the rise will be equal to inflation rate.
The average rate of all the gains mentioned corresponds to 18.49% for the first 6 months period. And when we consider the first year the average in question is 25.50%.
In addition to this, supplementary health insurance incentive given by the employer will remain just the same as it was appeared in the previous Group CBA.
This Group CBA is the joint achievement of metal workers including the members of the other two sector unions which are Birleşik Metal-İş and Özçelik-İş. Because during the whole period of bargaining we all did our best to act in unity and to take a stand against the odds that are imposed upon the metal workers in Turkey.
Under the given figures of inflation rate for 6 months period which is 6.05% we have obtained a wage increase exceeding 18%. That means we have procuredabundance over the inflation rate which is 12.44% in proportion. Considering the actual facts that are being experienced in the country, to conclude the Group CBA with such results is a remarkable success.
As a result, we would like to thank all metal workers particularly our members who resist in their work places, on the streets, on town squares without making any concession and also to our counterparts in all over the world who supported us internationally during the whole time.
We will enhance and dignify our livelihoods in the coming time, we will increase the productivity and we will earn more in the end.
Thank you for your solidarity and trustworthy support.
Kind regards,
Burak Ekmekcioglu
Intl. Relations
Türk METAL, Turkey