After the Industrial Revolution, women workers, whose working conditions worsened gradually, started to strike in New York, USA for their demands such as "humane working conditions" "equal pay for equal job" and this struggle resulted in the deaths of women workers, March 8, the symbolic date of the "Women's Labor Struggle", International Working Women's Day has started to be celebrated.

Pevrul Kavlak, the president of our union, who has been continuing his union struggle since its establishment in line with the principle of “There is No Gender Discrimination in Labor" in his speech:

“He explained that the epidemic process we are in has affected the world in a short time, causing people to change their behaviors, lifestyles and habits, and that it has become a global social problem. Stating that women face this social problem in the fastest and most brutal way, Kavlak said, “The responsibilities of working mothers have increased especially with the vacations of the schools. When certain age groups are added to the army of those who stay at home, the working woman had to redesign and reconstruct this extraordinary life. Well, did the woman’s succeed? Of course they did. So did they survive? Yes, they did. Could we be here if they weren't standing? That is why, this year, while addressing working women, I wanted the essence of my word to be respect, gratitude and thanks. You shielded your chest against this epidemic that poisoned us. You have been a shield for the family at home, the economy at work, and our lives in the hospital. I greet you once again with an endless thank you. I am honored with you” he said.

We are a union that believes that society can only develop together with women.

Kavlak stated that meetings were held with the Ministers of Justice and Economy recently and that the views of the trade unions regarding the Turkish Constitutional changes and reforms were requested in these meetings, and explained his views on this issue as follows: “This is where I explain my opinion. Whatever you do. Know what right you will recognize. If these remain on paper, I don't want any reforms. If a worker will be blamed of "immorality" just because he is a union member and my state will not speak up to that employer, I do not want reform or anything.  Also remember that; our demands are not only for working people. It is for all segments of society. For our women!

It is for our women to live freely in this society, for the murders of women to come to an end, and for no women to experience violence. At home, at work, on the street… It is for them to have equal rights and freedoms with men in all areas of life. It is for the Istanbul Convention to remain as a guarantee for our women. We are a union that believes that society can only develop together with women. By reinforcing this belief, we continue to walk on our path. We will not put our best efforts for women's education, increase in employment and gender equality. We will continue to provide all kinds of support for women to have an equal and dominant position in the family and to increase their number in politics and public administration. We believe that they will make the world a more livable place with their strong character, high intelligence and big hearts. We rely on women for a fairer, more sharing, more peaceful and loving world.” he said.